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Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at zmsl.com
Sat Apr 8 00:18:36 UTC 2006

Alan McKinnon wrote:
> My personal anecdotal evidence differs :-) In school I used to 
> consistently score $MARK>=B+ for technical stuff and $MARK='awful' 
> for Latin no matter how much I studied or how confident I felt or how 
> I was feeling on the day. 

Your experience doesn't suggest that multiple choice tests aren't 
affected by your mood. It suggests that you have an aptitude for 
technical stuff and not for Latin :)

>>INGOTs has 5 staff for the UK. 1 clerk, 1 techie (that's me) and 3
>>moderators (one of the moderators designs the criteria). This
>>covers 2600 pupils in the UK distributed over 50 academies. That's
>>thanks to the large network of assessors (whom we train) who do
>>most of the work.
> Now that's lean. There's nothing like getting those who benefit most 
> from the program to do the majority of the contribution, heh? Kind of 
> like OSS itself...


>>Who are Prometric and Thomson Vue? Why do they take such a big
>>chunk of the exam? I guess that the $100 is not bureocracy after
> They are the large computer based tending vendors who deliver exams 
> like MCSE etc etc. Colleges, training houses and other institutions 
> license with them, they set up a testing room with 20 or so pcs and 
> candidates do their exams online.
> With a world-wide program you need a reliable testing vendor that's 
> present in most places, which leaves only two realistic choices - 
> Prometric and Thomson Vue. If you want to use them to deliver a 
> program, you pretty much have to go along with their pricing. And 
> they don't come cheap. I know that other alternatives were tried by 
> various exam bodies in the last 5 years or so but none seem to have 
> succeeded.
> Hand written (dead tree) exams get around this nicely. As long as the 
> logistics are done properly, you can test hundreds of people in a day 
> just like Universities do and the price drops considerably. The 
> downside is you get to wait three weeks for the results just like 
> university exams. 

I see... Thanks for the explanation.

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