Unwanted program automatically launching at startup

Jenda Vancura jendavancura at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 21:32:45 UTC 2006

Steve Zatz wrote:

>I am running an up-to-date version of dapper on an IBM Thinkpad T30. 
>For some reason after I log in and the gnome desktop loads, Rhythmbox
>launches automatically.  This is not a good thing because there is an
>inaccessible Samba share that causes Rhythmbox to freeze.  I have
>looked under the Startup tab of Preferences/Sessions... and Rhythmbox
>is not there, and so I have no idea what is causing it to launch
>automatically.   I have also searched the hard disk looking for some
>configuration file that references Rhythmbox but have not been able to
>come up with anything.  Any help would be appreciated.
AFAIK, all you have to do is close rythmbox, go to the log out screen, 
check the "save settings" checkbox, logout, login - DONE.
You should close all programs, in fact, except for those that you want 
to start at startup.


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