proliant 5500

onehotcutey ulist at
Fri Apr 7 13:21:56 UTC 2006

I'm in the process of intalling Ubuntu on a Compaq 5500, Dual Xeon.

The system has three SCSI drives:

2 x 18.2 gig

1 x 9.8 gig

I have mirroring set up on the 2 18.2 drives.  Previously there was Red
Hat installed on the system, a long time ago.

I have tried many differnent partition schemes to get this thing
running.  The most recent is using LVM.

18.2 - 

1 LVM partition in Ext 3 mounted as /home

9.8 -

#1 primary partition in EXT 3 mounted as /boot

#2 LVM partition in EXT 3 mounted as /

#5 Swap partition.

I can finish the installation and then on reboot get this error:

/dev/mapper/ubuntu-boot device not found

drops me to a shell.

This morning on my way into work I thought I would try making the /boot
partion a LVM partition also then starting it again.

Any other thoughts.


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