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Fri Apr 7 02:29:44 UTC 2006

ZephyrQ <zephyrq at> writes:

> 	I run several desktops for different members of the
> family...each has their own archives as well.  Yesterday, my daughter
> needed her stuff from the archive (pre-ubuntu) which is owned only by
> the admin (root). I opened a terminal, ran 'sudo <file manager of
> choice>' and it asked for a password.  I entered my own (first user).
> No dice.  I entered hers, I was not able to access her archive.  I had
> to log out of her desktop (during much teenage whining) to enter mine
> so I could transfer the necessary files.
> 	This, IMHO, shouldn't happen this way.  Did I miss something
> about the whole 'sudo' thing?  It took me a week to figure it out when
> I first installed, so I prolly missed something...

when you do
sudo <some command>
the rights of the user that run sudo is the one used.  

Don't know about Gnome, but in KDE you can switch user while running
as another user.  If not, you can always switch to the command line
(ctrl-alt-f1) and login.  Or you switch to your user rights but typing
su - <your username>
Put in your password, and run sudo

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