Root password??? Yes you can know the passwoed!!!

Sushil sushil_kv at
Thu Apr 6 15:30:02 UTC 2006

What Daniel and others are saying is right.
You don't know root password but you can set one.
 If you have grub to boot in linux OS, you can boot in recovery mode and
will enter at root prompt. You can set the password by
 command passwd (or something like that) which will ask you for new password
twice. And your password is set.
Am I missing something or I just discovered some loop hole? 
From: Daniel Carrera
Date: 04/06/06 23:02:03
To: Ubuntu Help and User Discussions
Subject: Re: Root password??
Ubuntu uses 'sudo' for root access. If you want to run (say) the command
'ls' as root you type:
sudo ls
It then asks you for a password. Type your usual user password. The same
one you use to login as a regular user.
By default, Ubuntu has the root account disabled and uses sudo instead.
This is more secure because it makes it less likely that you'll
accidentally run something as root. And it's not too inconvenient
because sudo remembers the password. If you need to type many commands
as root, you only type the password once.
Facundo Barrera wrote:
> Hello list:
>             I have just installed ubuntu and i dont know the root
> password????
> Where it is???
> thanks
    /\/_/   A life? Sounds great!
    \/_/    Do you know where I could download one?
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