The wifi crusade.

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Thu Apr 6 21:47:29 UTC 2006

tchize <tchize at> writes:

> Kubuntu installation: Drivers is recognized immediatly by kernel
> (rt2500 card) and loaded (great!). I go to kde network config panel
> and .. Outh, forgot that panel is not working in breezy badger, so i
> go to the net, find some tutorial and go by hand in
> /etc/network/interface.
> I add this:
> iface ra0 inet dhcp
>         pre-up iwconfig ra0 essid Ayato
>         pre-up iwconfig ra0 mode Managed
>         pre-up iwpriv ra0 set Channel=8
>         pre-up iwpriv ra0 set AuthMode=WPAPSK
>         pre-up iwpriv ra0 set EncrypType=TKIP
>         pre-up iwpriv ra0 set WPAPSK="<my key>"
>         pre-up iwpriv ra0 set TxRate=0
> Parameters AuthMode, WPAPSK, TKIP and the key is exactly the same i
> used under window

Try to put this in yor interface file instead:
iface ra0 inet dhcp
      wireless-essid Ayato
      wireless-mode managed
      wireless-key <your key>

basically, the form is wireless-<function> <value>
the function name for WPAPSK should be just key, though
Do a iwconfig ra0, to get an idea of what the different function names

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