Help unmounting USB stick

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at
Thu Apr 6 08:38:02 UTC 2006

Mats Holmberg wrote:
> One more comment. I had similar troubles with a 128M usb stick. It 
> mounted only once after reboot, and many times even hanged my computer 
> when I unmounted and pulled it out. The problem was that after pressing 
> 'eject' Ubuntu told me was unmounted (removed icon from desktop), but 
> actually it still had something to do. I watched the led on the stick, 
> and it didn't go out until after a while after I had pressed eject. So 
> all I now have to do is wait a bit before actually pulling my stick out 
> of the port. Works well that way, and mounts/unmounts normally without 
> reboot.

Oh, that might have been it. I did pull it out fairly soon after. I made 
sure to wait until I was sure Ubuntu *said* it was unmounted, but I 
didn't wait past that. When I rebooted my computer it froze before it 
was done logigng out of Gnome. I tried Ctrl+Alt+Backspace but that 
didn't kill X. And I couldn't go into a TTY. I SSH'd from antoher 
computer to run 'shutdown now' and all that did was close the ssh 
daemon. In the end I had to do a hard reboot :(

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