Help! : Ubuntu CD installation on dell E510

Ari Torhamo ari.torhamo at
Thu Apr 6 08:26:06 UTC 2006

to, 2006-04-06 kello 01:32 -0400, Ulas Sunar kirjoitti:

> > Is your drive possibly BENQ DW1640 or Plextor 740A? At least some people
> > have had similar problems when trying to install Ubuntu with these
> > drives. The problem was solved for me and at least some others (might as
> > well be all who tried - I don't know) by upgrading the firmware of the
> > drive.

> How do I do that, I am bit new , sorry

Usually it's better to put your reply below the text you are replying
to. That way it's easier for everybody to follow the discussion. That's
also the typical way of replying on this list. I moved your quoted reply
downwards on this message to demonstrate this - hope you don't mind :-)

I found this thread
with Google. Quote: "Use WinDWFlash and a 1640.CVT firmware. Then update
to any 1640 firmware of choice." In other words, your drive apparently
is essentially the same as BenQ DW1640 and after flashing it with
1640.CVT first, you can use any firmware with it that's intented for the
BenQ drive.

WinDWFlash is a Windows program. I have never used it and don't know how
it works. I have used some other flashing programs though and they are
generally rather easy to use. With a little searching you'll propably
find instructions for using WinDWFlash (I need to go to sleep - have
been working through the night :)

Remember though that if anything goes wrong during the flashing, your
drive may not work anymore. People do flash there devices though and
mostly without problems - I have done perhaps a dozen firmware updates
in my life and they all went well. 



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