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Erik Christiansen erik at
Thu Apr 6 07:42:43 UTC 2006

On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 08:38:09AM +0200, Henk Koster wrote:
> I have also found it necessary to circumvent the Gnome print manager
> by going directly the http://localhost:631 route. You can do that by
> editing the /etc/cupsd.conf file: comment out the two lines near the 
> end of the file that say "AuthType Basic" and "AuthClass System".
> After "sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys restart" you have access to the CUPS 
> administration via localhost:631. 

When something looks buggy, maybe a "me too" is warranted. I gave up on
the cups installation delivered with ubuntu 5.10. (Though I'd previously had no
problem when building it from source on debian.)

Trying localhost:631 elicited:

"Administrative commands are disabled in the web interface for security
reasons. Please use the GNOME CUPS manager (System > Administration >

But that failed on selecting Xerox C400. (It had no C240), so I
circumvented the obstruction with:

   # apt-get install mpage                # (Optional, but useful.)
   # apt-get install lpr                  # This auto-started lpd
   # apt-get install magicfilter
   Setting up magicfilter (1.2-58) ...
   Run `magicfilterconfig' if you want to have your printcap automatically
   generated or edit it by hand.

It was up and running in less time than than it takes to fumble from gui
to gui, looking for a way out. ;-)


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