Remote X?

Chuk Goodin chukgoodin at
Wed Apr 5 20:25:17 UTC 2006

> Ah, you have a headless server, I must have missed that on the first
> post. I've never run VNC on a headless machine myself and don't have
> hardware here to try it out. Normally, VNC copies an existing X
> display and exports it. You might have some interesting times trying
> to start an X-server on a headless machine :-)

I do this all the time...I think the vncserver that comes with Ubuntu
was set up for it already.

I recently found this:

(Maybe from posts on this list, actually.) It installs part of Cygwin
which includes an xserver -- just ssh to the machine in question and
there you go. You can even run it from the CD. (In fact, I haven't
been able to get mine to install to the hard drive yet, although I
haven't really tried that hard.)


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