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Peter Garrett peter.garrett at
Wed Apr 5 18:30:43 UTC 2006

On Wed, 05 Apr 2006 11:37:29 +0100
Daniel Carrera <daniel.carrera at> wrote:

> I'm having trouble mounting/unmounting my USB stick. This is what happened:
> 1. I put the USB stick in for the first time. Ubuntu detected it and 
> mounted it.
> 2. When I was finished, I right-clicked and selected "umount". When the 
> icon disappeared I took it out.
> 3. Later I go back and put it back in, and it didn't mount 
> automatically. So I sent to System > Computer and I see the icon there, 
> as if it was mounted.
> 4. I right-click on the icon in "Computer" and the option says "Mount", 
> so I choose that, and nothing happens.
> So now I can't read my USB stick anymore.

When you connect the stick, run 

tail -f /var/log/messages

in a terminal to see what the system is doing. ( tail -f will update
the output as it changes) Most likely, if the USB stick is the only oneyou
have connected, the device is being seen as /dev/sda1 and mounted in /media
( here a USB stick mounts on /media/usbdisk )

If you navigate to /media you should be able to open it.

It does seem odd that it isn't putting an icon on the desktop.


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