LVM support? On root?

Al Gordon runlevel7 at
Wed Apr 5 16:35:03 UTC 2006

On 4/5/06, Francisco Borges <f.borges at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I just asked about partitions today... there are this bug in my head
> telling me there were beter ways to do it, I guess the answer is LVM.
> Does Ubuntu kernels initialize LVM partitions? i.e. Can I have root on a
> LVM?
> Cheers,
> --
> Francisco Borges

The short answer: Yes.

As to how to make the kernel automatically initialize those partitions
if you set them up after installation, I'm not sure off the top of my
head.  Maybe "sudo dpkg --reconfigure lvm2" or "sudo dpkg
--reconfigure lvm-common" does it?  Someone else should chime in here
and correct me if I'm wrong. :)

These days, when I install a new Linux system, I usually set up the
disks with a volume group named System and one called Data.  I put
logical volumes for things like Root ("/"), Tmp ("/tmp") and Var
("/var") in the System vg, and a Home lv ("/home") in the Data vg. 
Home is often formated XFS, and the others EXT3, so that I have the
flexibility to grow Home on the fly (by adding another physical volume
to Data and just running a few LVM commands) or resize the lv's in
System from a boot CD environment, if necessary.


  -- AL --

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