Setting Specific Scan Rate in xorg.conf: Puzzled

John DeCarlo johndecarlo at
Wed Apr 5 13:46:00 UTC 2006

On 4/4/06, Kent Borg <kentborg at> wrote:
> Any tips on wrangling xorg.conf so X will do the rates I want would be
> appreciated...

Well, do you have xrandr installed and have you tried running it?  It should
tell you what your system thinks are possible settings for resolution and
refresh rate.

The problem, as I understand it, is that xorg will take the data it gets
from probing the monitor as more authoritative than what you put in the
xorg.conf file.

For example, when I connect to a particular external monitor, it thinks the
optimum resolution is 1680x1200.  Since the monitor only displays 1600x1200,
I get a desktop bigger than the monitor.

A simple "xrandr -s 0"  (because setting 0 is the one I want) allows me to
get things to normal.

It may be possible for you to use xrandr to fix your problem, and have it
run automatically if you want.

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