Ubuntu Kernel and 4GB RAM

Robert Entner ubuntu at mail1.entner.net
Wed Apr 5 08:47:27 UTC 2006


I am using a Pentium D with intel 955 Chipset and 4GB of RAM. The
Ubuntu 32bit 686 Kernel (Breezy) only detects 3GB (/proc/meminfo). I
heard also the Dapper kernel can only address 3GB. Just the Dapper
Server-Kernel can make use of 4GB but has some "server optimizations"
which lead to longer subjective response times on the desktop.

The Suse 10.0 Kernel can address the full 4GB out of the box. I am not
too familiar with the drawbacks but shouldn't the Dapper 686 kernel be
able to do the same?

Is this correct?

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