Destroying "only" your home directory (was Re: Newbie question on permissions)

Michael T. Richter ttmrichter at
Wed Apr 5 03:53:09 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-04-04 at 22:15 +0200, Alan McKinnon wrote:

> That's the second time this week you've replied to a post of mine 
> without properly reading my reply and the context it's in. Stop it. 

You had best brush up on your own reading comprehension skills.  You
even quoted the part where you blatantly failed to read what was in
front of you before replying.

> "It can be done.  It has been done.  Just not under UNIX."
> My reply follows immediately after that comment, I snipped the story 
> of your Mum and I describe how it could be done under UNIX. 

Note the juxtaposition:
- it *HAS BEEN* done (indicates completed action)
- it *COULD BE* done (indicates possibility but not yet done)

Had you been able to successfully dismiss my comment (with its attached
story), you'd have pointed to the numerous cases in which it *WAS

My point remains and you're just pissy over the fact that UNIX does suck
for end-users.

UNIX, being a general purpose operating system, *CAN* do lots of things.
It's only the active user-hostility of must UNIX programmers that gets
in the way of it actually *BEING DONE*.

Verb tenses are a real bitch, aren't they?

> And yes, I do actually watch users. Very closely in fact. Daily. I 
> train them. Daily.

Ah, yes.  Training and watching are two different activities.  Most
geeks want to force end-users to be like them.  Try instead listening to
your end-users sometime.

> Still giggling uncontrollably now?

Hell, yes.

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