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>From: John Vivirito <gnomefreak at gmail.com>
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>Subject: Re: what CD burner
>Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 16:40:05 -0400
> > Hi,
> > I have to make images of bootable CDRoms, and to burn some CD images.
> > (Duplicate CDRoms with only one combo drive)
> > What tool does the ubuntu distribution recommend for that?
> > I dont want to use K3b (dont want to install *qt* packages)
> > I need a graphical tool.
> > What would you suggest?
> > --
> > A powerfull GroupWare, CMS, CRM, ECM: CPS (Open Source & GPL).
> > Opengroupware, SPIP, Plone, PhpBB, JetSpeed... are good: CPS is
> > better. http://www.cps-project.org for downloads & documentation.
> >
> >
>a good alternative to k3b would be gnomebaker. i havent used it in a
>long time but as i understand it does iso's and its got a gui. if that
>is all your conceren about is burning iso's and other burning needs
>gnomebaker should be fine. it doesnt have the md5 check like k3b does
>and its not as "pretty" as k3b but it works just about flawlessly.
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I just recently went through all of them testing to see what was easiest to 
use with all the users here (Melvin Graphics)

K3b was hardest for them to figure out.
what I've been using personally for years XCDroast confused some (but it is 
still a favourite of mine) and I believe is still in the repositories, at 
least it was in hoary when I installed it !
gnomebaker was the simplest of the gui tools that comes in Ubuntu 
We also tried the commercial Nerolinux which everbody seemed to like best, 
most of these people are used to using Neroexpress on win32 though so it's 
somewhat familiar.

FWIW I still like XCDroast ...it doesn't need Gnome OR QT I'm using it on an 
Xubuntu notebook

IIRC it needs GTK and gtkpixbuff libraries ... I used to use it with a 
minimal xfree86 setup on OS/2 before migrating.

OH BTW the help for XCDRoast won't come up in the Gnome help browser on 
Ubuntu....that's because it's not html it's a pdf but it DOES get installed.


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