Sudoers list?

Matthew Palmer mpalmer at
Tue Apr 4 21:43:59 UTC 2006

On Tue, Apr 04, 2006 at 09:46:29PM +0100, Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Stephen R Laniel wrote:
> >Really, all your script needs to do is test for the
> >effective gid. If that's not zero, the script should die and
> >say, "You need to run as root." That's what most installers
> >that I know about do.
> I don't want to force people to run this script as root. Running stuff 
> as root is a really bad habit. I want this script to be as non-root 
> friendly as possible. There is only one step that *might* warrant root 
> access and that's if the destination directory belongs to root.

How is it better for a script to say "hey, can you give me root privs now"
before doing something nasty, as opposed to saying "you have to give me root
privileges at the beginning" before doing something nasty?

- Matt

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