Breezy Badger - Ubuntu Kubuntu mix

Bjørn Ingmar Berg bjorn.ingmar.berg at
Tue Apr 4 17:26:24 UTC 2006

On 04/04/06, Antony Gelberg <antony at> wrote:
> If you have the disk space and motivation, a side-by-side install might
> be good.  In fact here's an idea that beats creating disk partitions.
> Why not return your Ubuntu install to the default, or re-install if it's
> a new box and you think it would be quicker than purging packages.  Then
> create a chroot and install Kubuntu into that with debootstrap.
> Voila, two separate installs.  With not much work you could have Ubuntu
> on Alt-F7 and Kubuntu on Alt-F8.  They would share a kernel but big deal.

That is a great idea.  Thanks a lot.

Bjørn Ingmar Berg

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