NetworkManager and madwifi

Fabio Berta fabio at
Mon Apr 3 22:00:12 UTC 2006


I'm getting a little confused with all this networkmanager stuff
happening lately. My question though is quite simple. A buddy of mine
has a Thinkpad T43p with a Atheros AR5004X chip. I want to put a Dapper
install on it. Am I gonna get full wifi support with WEP/WPA with the
networkmanager and linux-restricted-modules packages? As far as I know,
they still ship the madwifi-old driver, is this correct? I saw some
patches for NM and madwifi on the NM mailing list to them to work
togheter, does this only apply to the madwifi-ng? 
You see, I'm a little confused, hope somebody can help me out :)


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