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Bjørn Ingmar Berg bjorn.ingmar.berg at
Mon Apr 3 18:04:20 UTC 2006

Hi people.

On my desktop computer I am running Ubuntu 5.10.  A short while ago
I decided I wanted to have a look at Kubuntu as well.  So I installed
kubuntu-desktop with all the packages it depends on.  This worked out
well.  Or at least as well as I could expect...

At login I can chose wether I want to start Gnome or KDE and both work
very well.  Even so I'm not completely satisfied.  The problem is that
in the menues in Gnome I now have lots of KDE-applications, and in KDE
I have lots of Gnome-applications.
It's understandable that this happened and that the installer thought this
was what I wanted.  But now -in hindsight- I wish Gnome had kept itself
Gnome-only and KDE had ended up KDE-only.

If I want to have both a "clean" Ubuntu and a "clean" Kubuntu on the same
computer, do I have to set this up as dual-booting two independant
operating systems?  Or is there a brainier way to achieve this?

Setting up Ubuntu and Kubuntu "on top of eachother" can be an ok way
to let a potential convert have a look at both before she decides.  If I do
this, what is the best way to remove only the packages that belongs to
the flavour that she doesn't want?  I mean, if she decides she likes KDE
better, how do I remove the Ubuntu-only packages in a way that doesn't
mung Kubuntu?

Apologies if I have been too verbose...

Kind regards,
Bjørn Ingmar Berg

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