Destroying "only" your home directory (was Re: Newbie question on permissions)

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Apr 3 12:43:16 UTC 2006

Ari Torhamo wrote:

> ma, 2006-04-03 kello 00:36 -0500, Kenneth P. Turvey kirjoitti:
>> I don't see the gaps in backup software that you do.  I admit that I am
>> quite happy using tar and growisofs to do my
>> backups.  You write the script once and then it then it is just a matter
>> of putting it in crontab, or running it from the command line.  Even if
>> this isn't your kind of thing, Nautilus can do the backups without any
>> problem and without you touching a command line.
> You don't seem to understand the reality of us non-geek users - Michael
> does. 

I guess I have to agree with this.  I'm technically competent enough to
write a script, and I'm experienced enough to know the importance of
backups, yet I've tried all the solutions I've seen mentioned here (except
rsnapshot which I've just downloaded) and none of them do what I would
think is pretty basic:

- offer you a choice of full or incremental backup
- put those files onto a CD, DVD or set of CDs or DVDs

Now, if they'd keep a catalog that would tell you which disc to pull to get
a specific version of the file, I'd be in heaven, but those are the
basics - particularly the ability to use multiple discs if you have too
much for a single.  It's not rocket science, and I've been thinking I
should write such a thing since I had a DOS PC-XT with a 10MB hard drive,
but I've somehow never got around to it...

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