Destroying "only" your home directory (was Re: Newbie question on permissions)

Chanchao custom at
Mon Apr 3 03:47:43 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-04-03 at 11:08 +0800, Michael T. Richter wrote:

> I fear you're running into a clash of cultures here.  The whole UNIX
> mindset is centred on multi-user systems.  Apparently the fact that
> multi-user systems are the exception these days, not the norm, has
> escaped them.

I agree to that to some degree.. But:

> If there were a decent backup application available a lot of this
> could be ameliorated.  Sadly, however, the backup software that's out
> there for UNIX and workalikes is about as user hostile as you can get.

Well.. How about open your home folder in Nautilus, go up one folder
into home, right-click on your home folder and go 'Archive', then create
the archive file on an external USB drive?

(Or burn to CD/DVD, etc.)

That's about the most sensible way to make Backups on a simple one-user
system;  If the whole system gets destroyed, who cares, Ubuntu Live disc
boots up in less than a minute, and you can reinstall in an additional
20 minutes or so.


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