Graphics Installation

John Vivirito gnomefreak at
Sun Apr 2 22:18:21 UTC 2006

> I read the "getting started manual" and then decided to try and get my
> nVidia GeForve FX 5200 working.  First I tried to follow the steps for
> activatig the drivers, but couldn't figure out how to insert the code
> into the files.  Then I thought that maybe the code was not
> necessary, seeing as it didn't appear to add any functionality.  So I
> tried the steps to install scorched3D, but 2 of the 10 required
> packages wouldn't install, and then the game didn't show up in the
> applications menu.  Once I did find it by searching, it went real
> slow, as if the drivers did not work.
> How can I get the nVidia drivers to work?
> How does one go about installing DirectX?
> Where is can I view all installed packages?
> How do I add an application to the applications menu?
> How would I access the cmd prompt?
> Can I install and play WoW?  How?
> How does one install AIDA32?

ok for nvidia on dapper for that card you need to run "sudo apt-get
install nvidia-glx" than after that is installed you need to make sure
you have the linux-restricted-modules <arch> for your arch. than run
"sudo nvidia-glx-config enable" now before you restart X run "sudo
dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" nad make sure your card is seen (being
used) and the drivers are set to nvidia/nv some ive been told work on
nv some dont i would go with nvidia since i have my fx 5200 set there
than restart X and it should work. for reference here is the wiki on it

for breezy the only other thing you need to do is install
afaik dirextX can only be run with wine maybe cedega but i leave m$
with m$ 
to view installed packages i think its dpkg -L or -l 
to get to a command prompt (terminal in linux) go to
and the last 2 im not sure about i have heard of people playing wow but
other than that sorry :(

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