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Ryan Jones recyclingryan at
Sun Apr 2 19:59:08 UTC 2006

I read the "getting started manual" and then decided to try and get my
nVidia GeForve FX 5200 working.  First I tried to follow the steps for
activatig the drivers, but couldn't figure out how to insert the code into
the files.  Then I thought that maybe the code was not necessary, seeing as
it didn't appear to add any functionality.  So I tried the steps to install
scorched3D, but 2 of the 10 required packages wouldn't install, and then the
game didn't show up in the applications menu.  Once I did find it by
searching, it went real slow, as if the drivers did not work.

How can I get the nVidia drivers to work?
How does one go about installing DirectX?
Where is can I view all installed packages?
How do I add an application to the applications menu?
How would I access the cmd prompt?
Can I install and play WoW?  How?
How does one install AIDA32?
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