Newbie question on permissions

Michael M. nixlists at
Sun Apr 2 15:08:28 UTC 2006

Daniel Carrera wrote:
> If you are alone at home, have no kids, and you never use that 
> terminal, then it's probably ok. The greatest risk is that you'll 
> forget that you are root and use the terminal to do something 
> dangerous. Not a huge risk, but still not a necessary one. For 
> example, when I began using Linux 8 years ago, I was in that situation 
> (alone at home as root) and one time I accidentally deleted my mouse 
> device. I had to get a friend to get my mouse working again.
> If you are not alone (e.g. are at work, have kids or a cat) the risk 
> increases accordingly. A kid is more likely to break something out of 
> ignorance, and your cat might walk on the Enter key at the worst 
> possible time.

So instead of "My dog ate my homework," now it's "My cat ate my mouse"?


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