CD burning - hardware compatibility

Antony Gelberg antony at
Sun Apr 2 12:35:57 UTC 2006

Conrad Newton wrote:
>>From Antony Gelberg on Sunday, 2006-04-02 at 12:56:53 +0100:
>>Daniel Carrera wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>Right now I have a regular CD drive. I'm thinking of replacing it by a 
>>>CD burner. My question is: can I just replace them and expect the CD 
>>>burner to work?
>>>Last I checked, getting a CD burner working on Linux was a major 
>>>operation, but that was several years ago. What are things like today? 
>>>I'm also concerned about whether Ubuntu will recognize new hardware when 
>>>I'm not doing a brand new installation.
>>Just plug it in.  It'll be fine.  It used to be (before 2.6?) that SCSI 
>>emulation was required for CD burning, but no more.  The ATAPI driver works.
> Question:  does it work equally well?

In my experience, yes.  This is fairly well documented, try google 
"cdrecord 2.6 scsi emulation".

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