OT 2nd posting pci ata card ??

Dave S ubuntu at pusspaws.net
Sat Apr 1 19:02:47 UTC 2006

> Is you dvdrw plugged into the raid card? If so do you have an onboard ide
> interface you can move it to? I basically do the same thing but have my
> dvdrom and dvdrw on the onboard and my two ide drives on the adaptic raid
> controller and have no problems.
> --
> poison at list.memphistw.org (http://www.memphistw.org)

I had not though of changing the drives around like this :)

OK question time ...

(1) I have software raid, are you software raid or does the card handle it ?
(2) Which card do you have, does it have PATA connections, my HDDs are PATA
(3) what you say makes sense :) (first time RAID user)


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