Flight 6 torrent (Problem)

Gabriel Jägenstedt gabriel.j at telia.com
Sat Apr 1 14:05:02 UTC 2006

Since he is clicking on a torrent he might be expecting a torrent.

Tony Arnold wrote:
> Sridhar M.A. wrote:
>>Hello all,
>>Just saw that dapper flight 6 is available for download (thanks to this
>>list). But when I click on the dapper-install-i386.iso.torrent file, the
>>browser prompts for saving the iso file. I saw the same behaviour with
>>wget. Has anyone noticed this problem? Or am I doing something wrong?
> That's what I would expect to happen. Download and save the .iso file
> somewhere on your system which you can then burn to a CD.
> I'm not sure what you were expecting?
> Regards,
> Tony.

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