Need help with Netgear MA111 USB WLAN

Steve bassix at
Fri Sep 30 03:03:45 UTC 2005


I just bought a Netgear MA111 USB WLAN adaptor. It is the prism2
chipset and seems to work fine except I am having trouble connecting
to the internet. I am able to connect to an access point (I think) but
cannot ping a site (either by name or IP). My DNS settings seem to be
correct, I don't think it is being blocked by any firewall. I can
connect to this access point fine from a Thinkpad with XP.

Can someone help me with the proper settings I should have for access
point discovery (any network) and accepting IP/DNS via DHCP? I've
spent hours googling and reading and still have not succeeded.

Thanks for any help!

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