Java and AMD64 SOLVED

Matthias Klose doko at
Fri Sep 30 00:30:32 UTC 2005

You may want to add this information in a wiki page. Tollef, maybe we
should mention this in the package description?

Andy Choens wrote:
> I am posting this here so it's in the archives in case anyone else wants
> to do this.  If you aren't trying to get  Java to work in
> on AND64, then this is really a waste of your time.  If you
>'s the solution.
> I was disapointed with the speed OOo ran at under Java in Ubuntu.  My
> system was using the Free Software Foundation libraries for Java
> emulation.  Although I agree with this idea from an ideological
> standpoint, it's just to slow to use right now.  I need to be able to
> manipulate some relatively large databases I made using the HSQLDB
> engine on my old machine, and this simply wasn't cutting it.
> So, I tried to install the amd64 version of Java.  A little apt-get and
> I was in business, right?  No!  So, I installed Sun Java 1.5.  Same
> deal.  No matter what I did, OpenOffice would not recognize these as
> legitimate JREs.  I was getting soooo frustrated.  Then, while in
> synaptic staring at everything it called up when I searched for
> openoffice, I saw a compatibility library installed called ia32.  This
> is a set of runtime libs so OpenOffice can run on AMD64.  That means
> that is NOT compiled for AMD64 on my machine.  I assumed
> it was...since I am using the AMD64 version of Ubuntu. 
> I then installed Sun Java 1.5 !!x86!! to /usr/lib32.  When I pointed
> OpenOffice to this JRE, it accepted it right away and now
> runs like greased lightning.
> I wish I had known earlier that OOo was still compiled 32-bit!  Much
> PITA could have been saved.
> --andy

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