Swap - forcing Swap

snpe snpe at snpe.co.yu
Thu Sep 29 23:25:36 UTC 2005

swap is space on disk and system use it when haven't enough memory
When swap is unused it is very good - have enough memory

You can't force usage of swap and you don't want this
You can add more swap when system havent memory and swap - for big program

On Thursday 29 September 2005 08:53 pm, René L. Reingard wrote:
> hello,
> today i see first time that the 'Systemmonitor' in a panel can be expanded  
> into different branches, like Processor, RAM, Network, ... Ubuntu is  
> allways new!
> now i also see that the RAM (Pentium 3 with 256MB RAM) is allready with  
> the simple desktop used to a high percentage (like 80%) and if greater  
> processes are going on, RAM usage goes up that 100% (Cache then around 40  
> to 60%).
> BUT the Swap Partition is not used at all (in the beginning) and goes to a  
> use of 25% after 15 minutes of heavy work (like Scanning the harddisk).
> how the usage of the Swap can be forced - as the RAM is anyway allways  
> used by around 80%.
> thank you for answering,
> regards,
> René

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