USB NIC adaptor strange behavior

Michael J. Lynch mlynch at
Thu Sep 29 13:00:24 UTC 2005

I have a system that has an onboard NIC and a USB NIC and both
work as expected with one exception.  When I run ifconfig it shows
the onboard NIC as eth0 and the USB NIC as eth1.  If I disconnect
the USB NIC by unplugging it from the USB bus I loose all network
connectivity to the box.  If I run ifconfig, it shows *eth0* (the
onboard NIC) down and *eth1* (the USB NIC) still up and configured
even though it was the one disconnected.  Anyone have any ideas
where I should start looking for the problem.  I'm not real familiar
with hotplug so I'm not sure where to start looking.

Michael J. Lynch

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