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Wed Sep 28 20:10:51 UTC 2005


I'm trying to have one locale (pl_PL.UTF-8) as the default for
everything except for LC_MESSAGES (I'd rather have it at en_GB.UTF-8).

Simply setting pl_PL.UTF-8 as the default at `dpkg-reconfigure locales`
and then exporting LC_MESSAGES="en_GB.UTF-8" in ~/.bash_rc works for
virtual consoles and shells like the one in gnome-terminal, but the
GNOME interface still uses pl_PL.UTF-8. Changing /etc/default/gdm to


doesn't work (GNOME interface is still in Polish); selecting 'English
(British)' in GDM's login screen presumably changes LANG, which in turn
sets all of the LC_* settings (while I'd rather have Polish LC_COLLATE,
LC_TIME, etc.).

Any hints how to set LC_MESSAGES for GNOME (X?) to
a different value than the rest of the LC_* settings?

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