Eamonn Sullivan eamonn.sullivan at
Wed Sep 28 16:23:41 UTC 2005

On 28/09/05, R.L. Reingard <reingard at> wrote:
> > Am 28.09.2005, 16:43 Uhr, schrieb Eamonn Sullivan
> > <eamonn.sullivan at>:
> > If you install the fast-user-switch-applet (sudo apt-get install
> > fast-user-switch-applet), you can even set it up so that it's easy to
> > switch from account to account.
> hi, where do you get that? i do not see this package in the repositories,
> neither in Universe nor Multiverse.

Sorry, forgot to mention that I'm Breezy right now. I don't know if it
was in Hoary or Warty. You might have to wait two weeks for that one.
You can also run two interactive sessions in Hoary by using
Applications/System Tools/New Login.


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