Old laptop screen

Arnold Maestre arnold.maestre at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 16:02:55 UTC 2005

I am still tinkering with an old Fujitsu Lifebook C332. I dropped LTSP,
which I couldn't get to boot with my pcmcia ethernet adapter, and settled
with a flawless "X -query <servername>", which gives me a login screen onto
my main box.

Still, I can't get the screen to play nice. X configures it at 640x480 with
black borders, and no matter how hard I try to force it to 800x600 (the
native resolution), X skips every other configuration (bad
color/interlace/whatever) and reverts to 640x480, which is a bit tiny, even
for a terminal.

The graphic card is a trident cyberblade 9388. Does anybody know where the
hidden option lies ?
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