that darned ROOT problem

Steve Kratz stevek at
Wed Sep 28 14:39:46 UTC 2005

> I am a bit bothered by sudo anyway.  I have 5 kids.  I 
> encourage them all to use Linux, but I don't worry about them 
> screwing with the system.  They all know my user password.  
> With Ubuntu they could now do anything they want in the GUI 
> with that password.  This will force me to change my password 
> and set them up a seperate account.
> No biggie, but I don't like the idea that anyone with my user 
> passward has complete control of my system.  It's not like 
> I'm a system admin.  
> I'm just a dad on a home pc, so I don't protect my user 
> password from my family and I don't bother with 7 seperate accounts.

I believe you can control who can sudo with /etc/sudoers...

If you "man sudoers" it should show the details.

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