Ubuntu on an older PC

Phillip Sc. Bøgh psb at ipl.dtu.dk
Wed Sep 28 08:33:42 UTC 2005

After a hell of hardware-work it seemed peace of cake to do the software
work - that is installing Breezy-Ubuntu on 25 PC's in the range 350-750
Mhz with 128-384 Mram. And they work in at least 12 different languages as
the harddisk is at least 6Mb.
>> I was thinking about putting Ubuntu on a PC and giving it to a friends
>> Son.
>> The PC would be  Pentium II 350 with 128M ram.
>> Would this be a waste of time with a machine this slow?
> If you are doing basic stuff like webbrowsing, wordprocessing and email,
> then the old machine is fine. Why add to landfill?
Completely aggree - this is truely environment thinking.
But if you multitask do yourself the faivour to put in some extra Ram -
just 64 or another 128 Mb does a different. And as the fox with more
entrences -after the optimal setup- add Abiword and Xfce or another
lightweight desktop to do the dayly work


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