Breezy - Subversion Setup - svnserve not working?

Eamonn Sullivan eamonn.sullivan at
Tue Sep 27 15:30:29 UTC 2005

On 27/09/05, Gregory Piñero <gregpinero at> wrote:
> I'd much prefer to use svnserve.  Yes, starting svnserve -d manually works
> fine.  I'm really suspecting there's a bug there?  Maybe I should file one?

Well, it doesn't sound like a bug to me, to be honest. It just sounds
like you're having trouble figuring out the Debian-style init system,
and that's above my head too. I'd start with man init and go from
there. I'm sure someone else can jump in here and give a much clearer
explanation of how to use tools such as updaterc.d correctly.

I used svnserv on Fedora (which does use the inetd.conf file), but
found the Apache 2 plugin much easier. It works equally well with
emacs, tortoiseSVN on Windows clients and a random Web browser.

Did you try creating a "local" file in /etc/init.d?


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