udev - hotplug - hal

john sorosj at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 21:24:35 UTC 2005

Yep. that's what I thought! isn't it just geat! you plug in your usb whatever, 
hotplug loads the module, udev makes the device node, hal accesses it and 
pmount mounts it, all without the user...what a leap from editing the fstab 
file everytime a new storage device comes up.
thanks for the answers!

oh and in the new kde 3.5 I even found a windows functionality: I upgraded kde 
and plugged in my external usb2.0 hdd, and guess what! it asked me what to do 
with it! open it, or view photos etc. (you get it) isn't it fun?!

>On Monday 26 September 2005 21:11, 'Forum Post, '@wailuku.xlogicgroup.com 
> > am I wrong, or is it really true I only need one of these: udev -
> > hotplug -
> >
> > hal
> That isn't true--they work together.  udev, hal, hotplug, dbus, pmount.
> They are the components that let you plug in your flash drive and have
> an icon just show up on your dekstop.
> 'Here's one article.' (http://www.ometer.com/hardware.html)
> --
> mlomker
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