Samsung Printer CLP-500

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Mon Sep 26 18:38:54 UTC 2005

GregC Wrote: 
> Yes, I am using the my CLP-500N as my default printer in linux (ubuntu
> 5.04, Linspire 5.0, and Suse 9.2) Had an issue with Suse initially
> also...) I connect with a socket connection, printer sits off my
> router. 
> Are you having a problem printing? If so, please describe the error(s)
> or problem here in as much detail as possible here. I'm no expert, but
> they are definitely some in this forum! They certainly saved my sanity.
> This thing was driving me nuts, install says no problem, but everytime I
> went to add the printer it kept asking for root authorization. Adding
> the cupsys user as described below and restarting cups did the trick,
> but I think not before I got a couple more gray hairs <Dooh!>. ](*,) 
> From post by Thomas Kaiser:
> > > I can answer my own question. To get root right for the cups web
> > > frontend we have to issue:
> > > #sudo adduser cupsys shadow
> > > #sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys restart

the printer is attached via usb to a windows xp machine. I could add
the printer without any problem (with the samsung file). When I print
something nothing happens at all. It can't be a network problem,
because I can print on the HP LaserJet attached to the same machine
without any problems.


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