problem with preferred term exec flags

Matt Baran mgb at
Mon Sep 26 17:08:19 UTC 2005

I have a slight annoyance that I'm running into and I have a feeling I'm 
missing an obvious fix. Here's the situation:

I have installed aterm to replace gnome-terminal, because I've been 
using it for years and I'm used to it.

I used the "Preferred Applications" menu under System->Preferences to 
change my preferred terminal from gnome-terminal to aterm, and I added 
the following to the exec under Custom:

-ls -fg white -bg black -tr -sl 5000

Starting a terminal fires up aterm fine, but it ignores all the flags.

Same behavior when I futzed around in gconf-editor and tried to set it 
that way.

Any ideas what I'm missing?



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