Skype on Breezy?

Frank Merenda fmerenda at
Mon Sep 26 14:21:27 UTC 2005

Eamonn Sullivan <eamonn.sullivan <at>> writes:

> It works for me, but it takes a very long time (a minute or so) to
> start up. That's on a 2.4Ghz Celeron with a gigabyte of RAM. Also, the
> last time I tried to install the deb (either by downloading it or
> Skype's repository in my sources.list), I get a complaint about a
> missing dependency. (I'm at work now, but it's a libqt-mt dependency

Yes, it takes over a minute to start up on my P4 3.2 Ghz machine w/2Gb ram.
That's pretty slow! :( I installed it with:

dpkg --ignore-depends libqt3c102-mt -i skype_1.2.0.17-1_i386.deb

But then uninstalled it because it shows up as an invalid install, so I can't
apt-get upgrade. At least now I can install it and use it when I need to, then
uninstall it when I'm done, so I can communicate with my co-workers. :)

Thanks! No need to reinstall when you get home, I got it running.

Take care,
-Frank Merenda

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