Skype on Breezy?

Frank Merenda fmerenda at
Mon Sep 26 14:38:24 BST 2005

Hello all,

I have upgraded to Breezy. Skype worked for me on Hoary, but when I tried to
start it on Breezy, it just hangs and I do not get any feedback from the console.

I then uninstalled via apt, and reinstalled with the latest .deb
(skype_1.2.0.17-1_i386.deb) from I got the same results, so I
downloaded the staticly linked version, skype_staticQT- I
extracted it and ran ./skype, but I get the same result, no feedback on the
console, it just hangs there, nothing pops up or anything. I also specified the
--resources-path on the command line, but I get the same result.

Has anyone gotten skype to work in Breezy?

-Frank Merenda

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