How to convert html and jpeg to pdf

James Gray james at
Mon Sep 26 04:10:41 UTC 2005

On Monday 26 September 2005 11:57, Charles Yao wrote:
> Does anyne know of a program that can convert html and jpegs to pdf? I have
> been having trouble with this for a while. I used to have no problem doing
> it in windows with adobe pro.

First (coz it's the easiest) jpeg->pdf.

Install the "imagemagick" package and simply cast the following spell:
convert piture.jpg foo.pdf

Tada!  And for my next trick (well not mine actually):

... some good info on writing an Open Office macro to read in any OOo file (or 
html) and export it to PDF.  I'll leave it as an exercise for you to write a 
bash script wrapper or whatever floats your boat :)

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