Aptitude problem

Michael Moore stuporglue at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 18:22:16 UTC 2005

> Duh.  That's not the question.

C'mon, let's be nice, he was trying to help out here.

> I don't use synaptic, and I'm never likely to use synaptic
> I didn't even have a problem with the list of packages - all (or at least
> most) of those packages are supposed to be removed because they were
> auto-installed as dependencies of xorg-driver-synaptic which now only
> depends on xorg-server-core instead of xorg-server.

It's possible that xorg-server was installed as a dependency of
something else, such as the old  kdelibs-bin that was being upgraded.
If that was in fact what it was and the new kdelibs doesn't depend on
it, that might be a problem.

> However, an "apt-get upgrade" would _never_ remove any packages, and aiui
> aptitude is supposed to behave the same way.  So why did aptitude try to
> remove them on an upgrade?

How sure are you about that? Did you try apt-get upgrade? Is it too
late to try and see what the output would be? That might point us at
if it's an aptitude problem, or a package problem.

Michael Moore

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