Samba and the 2-gigabyte limit

Marius Gedminas marius at
Fri Sep 23 08:55:09 UTC 2005

On Thu, Sep 22, 2005 at 06:18:13PM -0400, Brian Puccio wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-09-22 at 21:01 +0300, Marius Gedminas wrote:
> > Yesterday I discovered that two Ubuntu Hoary machines have problems if I
> > try to share a large file (> 2GB) over Samba.  Sequential reads seem to
> > work OK, but any seek to an offset > 2^31 gives -EINVAL.
> SAMBA overcame the 2GB limit a while ago and shouldn't affect any Ubuntu
> users. I came across the same issue myself. Change your fstab to mount
> with the lfs option. Google for more, or try reading here:

Thanks!  I'll try it when I get back home.

I do find it a tad strange that this option is not turned on by default
by the smbfs driver (does it cause problems with older systems?), and
that it is not mentioned in mount(8) nor smbmount(8).  Google reveals
that it is mentioned by smbmount --help, at least.  Let's see, there's a
Debian bug open about it, so it should get fixed eventually:

Marius Gedminas
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