Kernel module "shfs" for next Ubuntu release?

Marc Reichelt post at
Thu Sep 22 21:39:24 UTC 2005

Hi again,

>>>In the meantime, you might find mc useful -- it's a terminal-based norton 
>>>commander clone, which can copy/move/rename/view/edit/etc. to/from remote 
>>>directories with ssh.
>>in kde/konqueror you can use fish:// to use ssh 
>>transparently to copy/edit files over ssh,, too...
>>In Gnome/Nautilus it is sftp:// and ftp:// I think...
>  ssh://  also works in Nautilus

yes, that's all great, I already knew that I can transfer files via ssh 
with kde and gnome, but I was searching for a suitable method working 
_without_ any desktop environment or a specified program, so _all_ 
programs can write to it.
e.g. if you have the program "kino" or "dvgrab" and you want to transfer 
some large files to another pc (which has a big hard drive), your 
programs don't work well, but a mount does.

That's why I'm asking for shfs to be in the next standard kernel - only 
as a module, of course, but with the possibility of an easy

See you, and thanks to Al Gordon for the tip with "module-assistant" - 
nevertheless, I don't get it right today. ;-)

Marc Reichelt   ||

P.S.: Is there any possibility to write files which are larger than 2 GB 
on a SMB mount? (yes: a samba mount, not ssh)

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