style of emailing in the list

Janne Jokitalo janne.jokitalo at
Thu Sep 22 19:20:31 UTC 2005

R.L. Reingard wrote:
> Hello all subscribers to the list

Hi there.

> we had a topic some month ago, which was dealing with the fact, that it
> is  faster to follow up with a topic, if you write answers (at least as
> much  as possible) on the top of your reply.

Ummm... no, not really. I'll show you why. In a minute. :)

> in this way our eyes can catch the  answer (or new subject) first, and 
> if necessary we see for more  information by scrolling down the email
> text (which also shuold be snipped  to a helpful length).

Subject is, as it should be (like it says in virtually every email client)
written in a separate field above the rest of the message, therefore any
changes should be indicated there. But you're dead on with the snipping.
Nothing irritates more than having to read tens of lines of conversation
you've probably read already, with a one-liner.

> would be pleased if we all again could follow that style better.

Well, you would. I doubt the majority would, though. Like one poster said in
that thread a while back, there is the thing called netiquette, and it's
there for a reason.

Was there really a mutual agreement that we should post our business right
on top of the message? I don't recall that.

So, here's the proof (I'll use shorts 1 & 2 for person1 who's asking and
person2 who's replying):

2: Oh, that makes sense.
1: Because then you see the question before answer.
2: How would posting below make a difference?
1: One might not be able to guess the context from the answer alone.
2: How could that happen?
1: Because it confuses people.
2: Why is top-posting considered foolish?


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