Kernel module "shfs" for next Ubuntu release?

Al Gordon runlevel7 at
Thu Sep 22 19:12:02 UTC 2005

On 9/22/05, Marc Reichelt <post at> wrote:
> Hi there!
> I wanted to mount a SSH directory via console, but the tool "shfsmount"
> requires a kernel module named "shfs".
> "modprobe shfs" - called as root - says:
> FATAL: Module shfs not found.
> Will "shfs" be available in the next Ubuntu release as a standard?
> Because IMHO it is a very good feature, and of course also for normal
> desktop users.
> Thanks a lot, and regards
> Marc Reichelt   ||

shfs is easily installable on Hoary.  Just apt-get install
module-assistant, and run it.  Choose shfs from the Select menu and
let module-assistant do the work for you.


  -- AL --

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