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Grant Edwards grante at
Thu Sep 22 18:43:35 UTC 2005

On 2005-09-22, R.L. Reingard <reingard at> wrote:

> we had a topic some month ago, which was dealing with the fact, that it is  
> faster to follow up with a topic, if you write answers (at least as much  
> as possible) on the top of your reply.

Ick.  I like having things in chronological order.  I always
prefer to read the question then the answer.  But, I always
read books from front to back, so maybe I'm just weird.

> in this way our eyes can catch the answer (or new subject)
> first, and if necessary we see for more information by
> scrolling down the email text (which also shuold be snipped 
> to a helpful length).

Yes, trimming quoted material is always good style.

> would be pleased if we all again could follow that style better.

Please keep things in chronological order...

   Because reading the answer first is just dumb.

   Why is top posting bad?

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